Small businesses unified mileage

Approximately 5 trillion mileage earned and 500 billion mileage lost in a year

A pinch here, a pinch there. The points and mileage that are scattered around are vanishing into insignificance.

The people's economy is the country's economy! By unifying the mileage that has been accumulated for a long time, small businesses can use them like cash and support the recovery of local economies.

At HoneyPay, every small business owner in the country becomes a franchisee.
Combine your points and mileage

Use points and mileage like cash! Develop our social economy! Directly participate in the development of our society with mileage that would otherwise disappear.

A business that benefits all without conflict is a successful business!

All of us, including small businesses, consumers, businesses, local governments, and public institutions belonging to the HoneyPay platform, are eligible for benefits.

Zero Payment Fees!

Stop the profit structure that sucks the life out of small business owners! ​HoneyPay has no payment fees.