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PLAGATE Co., Ltd. has obtained the following certifications and will strive to become a company necessary for the country and society.

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Supply of Overseas Skilled Manpower

PLAGATE participates in overseas professional manpower supply business.
IntroductionBy utilizing PLAGATE's overseas network, we have secured a system that can supply professional manpower from Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine to major domestic manufacturers.
We have established close cooperative relationships with manpower dispatching companies and government agencies in each country that can supply professional manpower, and the qualifications and sending process of professional manpower are carried out transparently.
In addition, in order to nurture skilled manpower and arrange reasonable employment for them, we are establishing a cooperative system with professional training institutes at home and abroad.
We aim to contribute to the development of the national industry by securing a supply system for overseas experts in each field as well as the fundamentally lacking professional skilled workers.