Tovnet CCTV Product

4G Camera
Make high-quality HD video calls any time of day or night

This is a solar-powered wireless CCTV with no wires. It can also shoot infrared at night, and when motion is detected, LED lights up, alarms the phone and starts recording. You can check the video and make calls through the app anytime, anywhere, even when you are out and about.

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Thermal Imaging System
Fast and accurate with simultaneous visual + thermal imaging

Prevent fires with accurate temperature measurement up to 30 meters away, and prepare for major disasters by detecting signs of fire early with a real-time combined thermal imaging system.

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Long Range Wireless CCTV
Easy to install anywhere, anytime

Easy, fast, and simple 30-second long-range wireless CCTV for hacking protection and real-time monitoring from anywhere, with wireless connectivity up to 200 meters in a straight line. Using low-light cameras for clear night vision, crystal clear recordings can been seen through the monitor, with up to 6TB of plentiful storage

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Smart Video Bell TOVBell
A safety device that reassures our families, check through video anywhere, anytime.

A smart care solution system for prevention of single women stalkers, lost parcels, emergency situation management for the disabled, and care for parents who live alone. When suspicious behavior is detected in front of your home, you can receive a notification on your smartphone and take action after checking the video.

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